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seventy2architects is an energetic, technology-driven architecture firm. We specialize in commercial and residential architecture throughout Greater Danbury, Fairfield County and Connecticut.

Our work ranges from 500,000 square foot office buildings to 5,000 square foot residential additions, from corporate interiors to boutique restaurants and custom lakefront homes. We believe in beautiful and engaging architecture that can improve the efficiency of spaces and enhance the quality of life in our local communities. 

Partners Maura Newell Juan, Managing Principal Architect, and Emmanuel R. Juan, Design Principal Architect, are a husband and wife team. Their service-based firm is built on referrals and repeat business, and they are proud of their hard-earned reputation for excellent work. Maura and Emmanuel were both born in 1972, and in graduate school, Emmanuel led a team of architects and industrial designers (born in the same year) called Design72. The firm’s name is a play on their birth year inspired by this team. They founded seventy2architects in 2005 as passionate architects who strive for beautiful designs, with the ability to handle creative and technical challenges with grace and ease.

What is our process? We listen and learn about your aesthetic, functional, and spatial needs, then interpret this information and transform your ideas into beautiful, engaging spaces. Whether our assignment is a small or a large project, we bring a clear design vision and provide detailed construction documents and specifications to save time and money during construction. We will work very closely with our clients, guiding the project through pre-design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding, and construction administration. We can also assist with Town Approvals, including Building Permits, Zoning Approvals, and Planning Reviews. 

We accomplish all of this by organizing, facilitating, and collaborating with our extensive network of Interior Designers, Consulting Engineers, Landscape Architects, 3D Visualization Artists, and LEED accredited professionals, all of whom contribute to the success of each unique project.

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